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Manitoba Rodeo Cowboys Association

2016 Annual General Meeting

January 21, 2017   .   Canad Inns 


Present: Erin Park, Chad Stiles, Dan Tober, Shayna McCannell, Dallas Boles, Anthony Potvin, Jenna Potvin, Mark Fraser, Scott Lockie, Corrie Stiles-Walker, Erin Hagan, Alistair Hagan, Slade Hagan, Jillian Ray, Alissa Empson, Ashley Wiebe, Curtis Dawydiuk, Justin Bridgeman, Ron Kristjansson

Welcome/Presidents Report – President Dan Tober welcomed everyone to the 2016 MRCA Annual General Meeting. 2016 MRCA Rodeo season was overall a great year; memberships were up, sponsorship was up. We had a successful Finals with the new format and partnership with Manitoba Ag Ex. Ron Kristjansson from MB Ag Ex was extremely pleased with how it all went, there was an overall great attitude to the changes, the Cattle Show folks were very happy, all partner groups were happy – while there is room for improvements – overall the event was a huge success! Looking forward to 2017. Dates for the MFR/Manitoba Ag Ex are October 24-29, 2017. MFR dates will be October 26-28, 2017.

Adopt 2015 MRCA AGM Minutes – E. Park read minutes from 2015 AGM, the headers with the motions were missing from the minutes – E. Park will fix errors. No other errors or omissions. MOTION: E. Park made motion to accept 2015 MRCA AGM minutes, 2nd by A. Hagan. CARRIED.

2016 MRCA Financial Report – E. Park reviewed the 2016 MRCA Financials. With increased membership’s revenue, the addition of Roblin rodeo increased rodeo admin revenue, increased sponsorship and significant decrease in expenses from Finals – a profit was reached this year. Discussed offsetting the cost of the online rodeo admin site. MOTION: E. Park made motion to accept 2016 MRCA Financials as presented. 2nd by C. Stiles. CARRIED

Motions – no motions were submitted


2017 MRCA Board Elections

President: Dan Tober’s term is up. No other nominations. Dan Tober will allow name to stand for 2 year term. D. Tober called for nominations to cease. Dan Tober is President by acclamation.

Timed Event Director: D. Tober called for nominations for Timed Event Director – no nominations. Justine Bridgeman will allow name to stand. D. Tober called for nominations to cease. Justin Bridgeman will remain Timed Event Director by acclamation.

Minor/Optional Events Director: D. Tober called for nominations for Minor/Optional Events Director – no nominations. Dallas Boles will allow name to stand. D. Tober called for nominations to cease. Dallas Boles will remain Minor/Optional Events Director by acclamation.

Rough Stock Director: D. Tober call for nominations for Rough stock Director. C. Dawydiuk nominated Anthony Potvin. Anthony will let name stand. D. Tober called for nominations to cease. Anthony Potvin is the Rough Stock Director by acclamation.

Committee Rep: Mark Fraser will remain committee rep – there is still one available position.


Directors at Large:

Dallas Boles nominated Mike Leepart – Mike will allow name to stand. CARRIED

Curtis Dawydiuk nominated Kelly Oremba – Kelly will allow name to stand. CARRIED

Mark Fraser nominated Scott Lockie – Scott will allow name to stand. CARRIED

Shayna McCannell nominated Megan Edwards – Megan will allow name to stand. CARRIED

Returning directors at large: Bailey McCannell, Erin Hagan, Corrie Stiles-Walker, Jordon Park, Devon Porter


Topics of Discussion

  • JR Rodeo Counts on Tours – It was overlooked on the Eastern/Western Tours in the rules – JR Rodeo counts were at 8 – they only need 6 to qualify for finals according to the rule book – they had to attend every rodeo on tours (not all have the JR events) Recommended that the count be brought in alignment with the rule book of 6 rodeos. MOTION: J. Bridgeman made motion to reduce JR rodeo counts on the Eastern/Western Tours to 6. 2nd by A. Hagan. CARRIED
  • Team Roping Partner Trades and Points – There was a lengthy discussion in regards to team ropers abusing the ability to trade/pick up partners to receive points to qualify on tours or in regular season standings. The rule book allows for trades/pick up partners as long as they are a member in good standing. MOTION: J. Bridgeman made motion that in the team roping event, pick up partners will NOT receive points in regular season standings or on tours. 2nd by M. Fraser. CARRIED.
  • Contestants entering conflicting perfs/protocol – There was a lengthy discussion surrounding contestants who purposely choose to enter conflicting perfs. While it is difficult to stop this at the admin level – it should be discussed with judges, stock contractors and committees. The board should make every effort to ensure the contestants ability to make performances when approving rodeos. 
  • Cost of Personnel Cards for MRCA Approved Judges – There was discussing surrounding reducing the cost of the Personnel cards to only insurance fee of $18. Judges who attend the MRCA judging clinic will receive a reduced rate for their card this year already. 
  • Suggestions/Direction for the 2017 MRCA Board

    • Rough stock member numbers?? 
    • Points at Finals? A. Potvin brought up the way points are distributed at finals – there was a discussion about how and why they are distributed this way.

MOTION to adjourn made by J. Bridgeman at 3:43PM